The first POLYESTHETIC OF MILAN in Italy has become a reality and has officially opened its doors !

Yesterday, with the Cutting of the ribbon, from POLYESTHETIC OF MILAN we started a new frontier of training. An important date which not only sees the realization of my dream of creating a real Athenaeum of Beauty and Cosmetics, but which also marks the end of a penalizing school model for tens of thousands of young people. A new era of higher education has begun , of equal dignity to other training offers, which offers students a high school or even university level study in some disciplines, applying an excellent teaching approach and methodology, we will give pride and highly qualified skills for young people. At the same time we will add value to the teachers who are part of the structure.

POLIESTETICO DI MILANO is a concrete project aimed at guiding future beauty operators in a new professional avant-garde . Within the POLYESTHETIC OF MILAN, young people are stimulated to perceive the school and themselves positively, thanks to a series of interventions on school spaces and on teaching support tools developed by our Research Group on the Epigenetics of Life, made up of scientists, university professors and experts in the sector who together form the Scientific Committee. Among these: the Architect Alfredo Bigogno creator of the MAMI VOiCE system, the internationally renowned Cosmetologist and author of successful books Umberto Borellini, the Dermatologist and ArtistAlex Gezzi with his TEATROSCIENZA , the Naming Specialist Maurizio Sangineto-Sangy- , the Postural Ergonomist Tiziano Pacini and Professor Alessandro Rizzi, one of the world’s leading experts in color and light.

The training spaces have been redesigned as places of Culture, Art and Wellness where Beauty and Comfort become a daily experience for students and teachers and where each space is an integrated and integral part of training.

An Aula Teatro as an epigenetic educational space was designed by the architect Bigogno . Here the arrangement of the benches with respect to the chair is open amphitheater with a central walkway in order to encourage greater interaction between students and teacher for an active involvement of each in the teaching process. The walls were lined with evocative images, works of art to stimulate creativity and curiosity. A harmonic totem in Camuno fir wood has been inserted which, through vibrations and music at 432Hz, promotes concentration and memory. This is how the classroom becomes an educational tool aimed at developing both technical and sensory skills. 

Inside the POLIESTETICO DI MILANO there is a space dedicated to the MAMI VOiCE system , designed by the Architect Bigogno which will be part of a training module. Born to make mothers’ voices heard in premature babies in incubators, today it is also integrated into a harmonic bed and a harmonic totem to promote psycho-physical and emotional well-being through holistic listening to music and vibrations.

To facilitate learning, tools have been introduced to support teaching such as plastic models of the skin and organs of the 5 senses, the Munsell color space tree, a special Light Box, the Farnsworth Munsell Test of 100 shades, the spectrophotometer, the manual of Trichology.

Among the innovative teaching tools, an editorial series “BEAUTY & COSMETICS” was also designed with Editoriale Delfino which starts from my book La Cosmetica Umanistica , to continue on a cultural journey of scientific and humanistic study, investigating through the voice of the greatest experts in world of Beauty Science.

Within the POLIESTETICO DI MILANO there is also a training company called “BELLIFICIO”, which by recreating the reality of a beauty salon within the school, allows young people to approach the world of work, combining theoretical learning and practical to the actual management of a productive organization.

È stato ideato un dress code epigenetico, con particolari divise disegnate con materiali e colori organici, e calzari ergonomici progettati dall’Ergonomo Posturale Tiziano Pacini, che garantiscono il comfort degli operatori della bellezza prevenendo i disturbi a carico del sistema muscolo scheletrico legati alla cattiva postura.

E’ stato inoltre creato un canale Youtube: PBC Professional Beauty Channel per dar voce alla scienza che è alla base della cosmetica, un contenitore in grado di raccogliere tutte le conoscenze legate all’universo della Bellezza e di riunire le prospettive della visione umanistica con quelle delle discipline scientifiche. Una vera libreria di video professionali dove scienziati, ricercatori e professori universitari coinvolti da Giannantonio Negretti in questo affascinante progetto raccontano in maniera moderna e interattiva le materie di propria competenza.

Ed infine il POLIESTETICO DI MILANO offre Master di Alta Formazione rivolti ad acconciatori ed estetiste che desiderano ampliare le proprie conoscenze attraverso la formazione avanzata.  E’ inoltre sede del Corso IFTS che prenderà avvio a novembre per ottenere la qualifica di Tecnico del Colore nell’Industria Cosmetica, a highly specialized professional figure in the management and quality control of color within companies in the cosmetic sector. The course has a duration of 1000 hours and at its end a HIGHER TECHNICAL SPECIALIZATION CERTIFICATE will be issued. Thanks to the acquisition of specific technical – professional skills, a professional will be trained increasingly in demand by companies in the cosmetic sector. The course was designed in collaboration with the University of Milan, the Pino Hensembergere Technical Industrial Institute, the IIT-Liceo Scientifico E. Molinari.

It is only the beginning of an extraordinary project that will make school in Italy and in the world !!!

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