Tomorrow, Wednesday 3 March at 18:00 I will have the pleasure of presenting my book La Cosmetica Umanistica© from the Sala Libretti of the Giornale di Brescia. The event will be moderated by the editor-in-chief of the Giornale di Brescia, Nunzia Vallini, and by the journalist Cecilia Bertolazzi and will be streamed live on . The access link will be published half an hour before on the site.

My friend and mentor, Diego Dalla Palma, will be with me. He wrote the foreword of my book and whom I would like to thank once again. Diego is an internationally renowned figure for his expertise, his elegance, and for the humanity that runs through all his work. It is an honour for me to have him by my side at this time, both because of the great esteem I have for him and because I consider him a friend and a point of reference for the future of the Renaissance of Beauty to which I aspire and which Diego supports.

Humanistic Cosmetics© is not just a book, it is a dream that I have been cultivating for many years and which is finally seeing the light of day. It seems a coincidence, but it is precisely in critical moments that the most authentic projects come to life. For years, I have felt the need for a great renewal of the Cosmetics industry, especially with regard to the prejudice that affects the world of professional training of Beauty professionals, but also because of the many contradictions in the Beauty world. My greatest desire is to break the paradigms of the sector that consider beauty professionals as second-class professionals, and instead, enhance their skills, invest in training, cultivate young people, and build a multidisciplinary school: the Liceo della Bellezza. Humanistic Cosmetics© is the first step in this “gentle revolution” and aims to be the Manifesto of a true cultural movement that starts with young people and reaches the end consumer.

The year we have just gone through was a period of enormous sacrifice for companies and people, and I predict that the current one will be even tougher. Brescia, in particular, has been through such dark times that I thought it would never recover. However, being able to stay here, remaining firmly rooted, fighting not to sink into despair, has given me the strength to believe in this dream even more and find the courage to make it a reality.

For me, Humanistic Cosmetics© is the Arabian Phoenix of Beauty, which manages to rise up even in the most dramatic moments such as the one we are currently experiencing, because after all, Beauty is something imperishable, capable of spanning centuries and millennia and remaining the value that Man most pursues.

I am honoured to be able to speak about this to my city, addressing everyone with an open heart. I know that we need to restart and to hope, to be accepted, to be valued. In short, we need to start again from Beauty, because it is in her and with her that we will find love and courage in our lives.

Man must start afresh from his Soul and Awareness in order to reconcile himself with the good, the true and the beautiful. These three Universal Values are indispensable for breaking the vicious circle of cosmetic solicitation and restoring Beauty to its role of social responsibility, especially for young wellness professionals in training.

Humanistic Cosmetics© represents an opportunity to initiate the socio-cultural change that the beauty world is crying out for.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank once again the great professionals who have enriched my book with their valuable contributions, suggestions, observations and reflections on the present and future of our profession. I am talking about Antonio Avolio, Alfredo Bigogno, Sergio Pecorelli, Alessandro Rizzi, Angelo Moretti, Matteo Zanotti Russo, Maria Teresa Ascioti, Luciana Oliveto, Antonino Giorgi, Tiziano Pacini, Stefano Parancola, Edda Abbagliati and Azra Hasani. They are doctors, architects, university professors, art directors, science professionals… The contamination between these areas of knowledge is the strength of this project, which is not just an editorial artefact, but expands into many dimensions, from training to the creation of a finished product. This is what I mean by Humanistic Cosmetics: a way of conceiving, thinking and creating beauty products and services around Man, taking care of the bio-psycho-socio-spiritual characteristics of Man and the context to which he belongs.

It is a handbook that becomes the mirror of a revolutionary business mentality, but it is also an information tool for those working in the sector, an ethical example for young students, a great humanistic project for everyone, whose secret lies in indulging one’s own essence to arrive at the true sense of Beauty.

I thank Il Giornale di Brescia for this great opportunity to spread my message in my beloved city. Follow the live broadcast tomorrow Wednesday 3 March on Remember that you too are part of the change and deserve Beauty.