Today the World is called to save Beauty

I witnessed the beginning of the pandemic at Covid 19 from the window of my office in the company, in my Brescia. My city and my region perceived more than others how death had managed to take on a public dimension to which the West had not been accustomed for some time. We have experienced mourning without the possibility of saying goodbye to those who are leaving, without being able to mourn our loved ones: an incredible tear in the soul.

Death has reached not only our affections, but also our professional activities, our work, our life! Our sector has been massacred by the lockdown, small and medium enterprises are sinking into the most unforeseen crisis in history.

This pandemic has caused a sudden change in the economic structure of world production. The scenario we observe is full of questions and is dominated by fears that only a few months ago were not even conceivable.

It is also true that the Beauty industry has found completely new habits and social needs that have inevitably accelerated the rethinking of the consumer approach. Today he is more fragile, confused and needs to be reassured through guaranteed products, deep listening and solid relationship.

We also need concrete help from a state that is still short-sighted towards the real needs of the country.

This is not only a loss of turnover, but also the expulsion from the market of all those small businesses that do not have the resources to reopen.

All the cosmetic companies and trade associations have clamored to the institutions for the early reopening of the activities of hairdressers and beauty centers, initially scheduled for June 1.

I joined them with a cry of alarm addressed to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, recognizing in his person the embodiment of ethical, social and justice values that belong to women and men and to the entrepreneurship of our sector. I wanted to denounce the risks that weigh on a sector that is fundamental for Made in Italy, threatened by the loss of over 18% of turnover and 49 thousand jobs, with the aim of avoiding a massacre.

Today May 18, 2020 finally our appeal has been heard. The new decree has in fact established the reopening of the activities of hairdressers and beauty centers.

Today the World is called to save Beauty.



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