2020 has tested everyone. We have had to grit our teeth enduring grief, loss, and lack of freedom. It has been a year that has seen us disoriented, that has forced us to rethink our lives and our dreams.

To rethink our FUTURE.

Whether at work or in our personal lives, our routines have inevitably changed. Our convictions were swept away with a stroke and, in order to resist the world crumbling around us, we called on all the optimism and fortitude that human beings are capable of generating.

I must say that in spite of everything we did it! Personally I consider myself a lucky man to have at my side professionals, women and men, so brave and determined: you were my strength!

I thank you every day for having you on my path with the smile and determination that are the heart and soul of my business.

Thank you for being able to demonstrate the flexibility needed for change when all hope seemed lost.

Thank you for all the successes we have achieved in this 2020, looking at each obstacle as a step that takes us higher and not as an obstacle to stumble over.

In this year of global crisis, I wanted to finish writing and publish my first book – Humanistic Cosmetics – to give voice to words and their saving power, to shed light on the need for reflection through reading. The “book object” is a treasure chest of ideas capable of setting thought in motion, and in some cases capable of changing the world.

I believe in it! Just as children believe, with their wide-eyed imagination and hope.

Writing Humanistic Cosmetics has been a great challenge for me, but also a stimulus to set an example and motivate myself by consolidating past experiences and looking to the future with lucidity and objectivity. I believe that anyone who is convinced that their thoughts can improve life, inevitably sets in motion a mechanism that leads in an evolutionary direction. Of course, with the awareness of taking risks. But that’s what makes life interesting. In every moment of our journey we have one foot in the fairy tale and the other in the abyss. The secret lies in our faith in ourselves, our ideals and our fellow travelers.

When we confront our fears and have the courage to accept them, to understand that life is not just a script to be recited passively but an opportunity to contribute actively, then we discover new strength and new energy to love ourselves and to love. Love towards ourselves is the first act of altruism.

I also believe that moments of fragility are basically an indispensable opportunity for growth and maturation of one’s identity.

During this period, the value that I perceived to be most at risk with respect to my way of feeling was dignity, the human condition that most ennobles a person and his or her nature, whatever condition he or she may be in. I have seen it fade in the lost eyes of many people, only to reappear in gestures of solidarity. I have heard it echo in my mind like a mantra, a necessity to strive for, that we all need and that we must spread and defend. In a world ruled by fear and lies, made of men ready to betray and degrade what is around them, dignity resonates as a need to be, as a guard of their inner world and, consequently, as an ethical and aesthetic expression.

The value of dignity has been a source of inspiration for the creation of a new line of cosmetic products dedicated to hair and body care: DIGNITYTM is its name. It proposes a model of advanced beauty in which the person is always at the center, the protagonist of a true path of awareness and aesthetic education, intelligent in taking care of themselves, through rituals, meditation, fragrances and colors that stimulate relaxation, sensory textures in which the slow release of active ingredients is tuned to the rhythms of circadian cycles. All in a rediscovered harmony that regenerates mind, body and soul. A true prodigy of the most advanced transdisciplinary research.

I must say that thanks to the numerous activities we have carried out in this period in support of the most fragile – the elderly guests of the RSAs, women discriminated against and victims of violence, disadvantaged young people, abused children – I have been able to touch even more closely the problems and suffering of so many people, aggravated by the pandemic, and I have decided to invest concretely in projects that help defend the dignity of every human being in moments of difficulty.

I want to spur all those who feel lost, without a future and full of fears to come out of their immobility. We must commit ourselves to not losing our compass and to light the way in the dark days of those who are not making it.

I think the true entrepreneur is a man or woman on the road to a “dream”. A rebel capable of putting himself or herself on the line with passion and with the means available to change reality, to break established patterns and create better ones. A pragmatic visionary.

I wish you all a 2021 of health, hope and courage in your heart, awareness and self-confidence, and above all love, because without love a life is not worth living.

Happy New Year!