The sum of the parts is greater than the whole! Beauty is a Right that must fight individualism.


The health emergency is making us reflect deeply on the importance of relationships.

“Networking” within the knowledge and experiences of others is the essential basis to create quality and give answers to customers and professionals. Broadening horizons, abandoning prejudices – without forgetting a pinch of optimism – we understand that there is no crisis but evolution.

In a company, networking means knowing how to create and manage a network of relationships functional to the needs and requests of customers. When the network is solid and the relationships are aware and of mutual trust, it means that the company is well structured, flexible and able to read the surrounding environment, knowing how to live its own time.

Valuing one’s own relational capital therefore becomes an instrument of innovation. It is identified in the will to acquire knowledge of the external environment in order to keep the company’s relations healthy: “with talent you win games, but with teamwork and intelligence you win championships”. Even coming out of the sports metaphor, the ability to cooperate, to join forces, in practice to network – acquires value, especially in a context like the one we have been in for weeks.

Stakeholders – a network of long-term alliances based on trust with suppliers, customers, financiers, collaborators, employees, but also interest groups – represents a great advantage difficult to imitate for a competitor. Networking conceived in this way ensures flexibility but at the same time it is a solid reference point for training and learning in different but connected areas… and it is also a means of keeping up to date with the technological innovations exploited in different sectors.

Network is also the ability to create a network of professional relationships that are maintained over time thanks to which you can exchange ideas, advice, information and contacts.

Experience and Knowledge are thus in a virtuous circle.

I have always supported research inspired by the study of how the consumer really lives and dreams the experience of Beauty and Wellness and I am convinced that in order to create innovative and satisfying cosmetic solutions exploration and mutual exchange are necessary.

It is also good to look beyond traditional business practices to enhance the role and responsibility of Beauty in contemporary society, which is the real opportunity for those who want to change perspective and stop waiting for a past that will never come back.

This is why I favor the corporate network as a primary resource for intelligent development. And to maintain it you need a look that knows how to look at “everything”, at Beauty tout court, to trace the guidelines and get closer to its purest concept, its soul.

I am lucky enough to be able to rely on a pool of partners who share the same values and ideals as me. It is with a pioneering vision that we are able to develop responsible and advanced projects in the world of Beauty. The projects we carry out as a team are the path on which the intuitions and knowledge of our collaborators flourish, all together in the same direction. And to every market demand we have an immediate and global solution with a range of proposals ranging from Halal, Vegan, Bio certified products to food supplements, cosmetics for children, pet and spa world …

All our actions are oriented towards anthropological and relational research, through which we can identify those companies able to respond with cutting-edge formulations.

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