The latest research in the field of neurophysiology and molecular biology shows that the sound environment in which we are immersed from intrauterine life – and throughout our lives – has the power to affect health, longevity, and self-healing processes, influencing hormones, enzymes, biomarkers, emotions and mental state, with repercussions on the balance and well-being of the psychophysical system.

We can perceive sound not only through our hearing, but we can also pick it up and interpret it through our skin and spread it to all our cells through the liquid element.

Our organism is formed in the primordial water of the amniotic fluid and retains this element as its main component throughout its existence: bodily fluids function as a resonance instrument for sound waves and their vibrations that propagate through our bodies.

A study conducted by Professor Daniel J. Levitin of the Department of Psychology at McGill University in Montreal shows how music can change the biochemistry of our bodies. Together with his team, the researcher demonstrated that listening to and playing music has important benefits for both mental and physical health. The research, which involved more than 400 studies on the neurochemistry of music, showed positive effects on the immune system. In particular, there was an increase in the production of immunoglobulin A (an antibody that plays a critical role in immunity) and an increase in the activity of Natural Killer NK cells (lymphocytes of the innate immune system, responsible for defending against infections, tumours and inflammatory conditions). In addition, the study demonstrated the positive effect of music in promoting the production of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness and love, with a consequent improvement in social relationships.

Another recent Finnish study published by the University of Helsinki conducted on 50 people showed that listening to a 20-minute Mozart violin concert increased the activity of genes involved in learning, memory, cognition, neurotransmission, and dopamine production. These molecular biology studies show how listening to certain music can create profound changes in the expression of our genetic heritage.

Music is used by all peoples of the world as a tool for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is called the universal language. Since time immemorial, musical instruments, songs and rhythms have accompanied the crucial and important moments of life and helped to connect to deep states of being and to connect with others.

Today, modern science, thanks to Quantum Physics, which maintains that everything is energy, and that vibrations and resonances are at the heart of the physical structure we find in and around us, and, also thanks to Epigenetics, is finally able to demonstrate how certain types of music can improve human well-being by conveying not only emotions, but also cellular information, generating constructive interference between interacting energy fields.

Following the discovery of the structure of DNA and its replication mechanism, we believed that everything was already written in our genetics and that nothing could be changed. But thanks to a new science, epigenetics, this paradigm has been overturned in recent years, giving rise to a real revolution in the scientific world.

Our DNA contains 20,000 genes, not all of which are active at the same time. Epigenetics studies the biological mechanisms that turn on some genes and turn off others. The result of different combinations of genes being switched on or off is infinite and this is what makes us unique. This activity is the result of the interaction between our DNA and the ‘environment’. Environment’, meaning not only a physical place (home, school, office, city….), but everything we perceive through our five senses and more: what we eat, drink, breathe, think, look at, what we put on our skin, what we smell and even what we hear. That is why Art, Cosmetics and Music play an important role in the construction of our well-being and our physical and inner beauty.

In cosmetics, research is directed towards identifying the biological markers responsible for activating the genes responsible for the proper functioning of the skin, scalp, its immunological and structural properties, adaptability to environmental conditions, and the processes of skin and hair ageing.

To this end, together with a group of scientists, university professors, researchers, doctors, and experts in the field, we have created an Epigenetics Laboratory, whose aim is to intertwine the science of cosmetics with that of other scientific and humanistic disciplines and to enhance the collaboration of participating minds in study projects and experiments aimed at finding new cutting-edge cosmetic solutions in the world of Well-being and Beauty.

In these years of research, I have become convinced of the need for an integrated approach to knowledge, capable of building bridges between knowledge and perspectives, between science and conscience.

One of our study projects concerns the use of vibrations and music at 432 Hz, which we are carrying out with the architect Alfredo Bigogno, an expert in the sound environment and the creator of the MAMI VOiCE system, a Class 1 medical device that allows the sound and, above all, the voice of its mother to reach a prematurely newborn baby inside the incubator. It is currently used in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units – NICU – of many hospitals in Italy and around the world and has been subjected to scientific research in various hospital contexts, allowing objective benefits to be detected for the baby, not only during the premature baby’s daily stay in the thermal cot, but also during practices considered stressful and painful.

Using the MAMI VOiCE system, we have developed a “cradle for adults”: a HARMONIC BED made of fir wood from the Camuno region that transfers sounds and vibrations to the body of the person lying on it. It is a multi-sensory experience: with your ears you can listen to the sound and with your whole body you can feel the vibrations produced by that sound, in a dimension of total relaxation and well-being. The Harmonic Bed is designed according to the rules of the Golden Proportion and the Fibonacci numerical sequence.

The latest research is engaging us in the design of a sound furnishing instrument for the diffusion of vibrations and harmonic environmental sounds: the HARMONIC TOTEM.  Also based on the MAMI VOiCE System, it is a vibration transmission instrument handcrafted in Camuno fir wood that allows you to listen to music and at the same time, be pervaded by the vibrational waves emitted by the wood itself. It is a unique experience of well-being that creates peace, silence, relaxation and encourages contact with our deepest and most spiritual essence.

The music we are using in both the HARMONIC BED and the HARMONIC TOTEM is produced by instruments tuned to 432 Hz, composed and performed by Emiliano Toso, Molecular Biologist, Musician, 432Hz Composer and creator of Translational Music.

The benefits of this type of music on our brain and the possibility of greater resonance with our body, our cells and our planet have been recognised on a scientific basis.

The notes and harmonics of instruments tuned to 432 Hz stimulate bihemispheric synchronisation of the brain, increasing creativity and concentration. Music at this frequency produces harmonics that resonate with the heartbeat, the DNA double helix and the fundamental beat of our planet (Schumann resonance). In practice, a language is produced that is much more in harmony with that of nature and the universe.

This could be the key to reconnecting the micro and macro cosmos to rediscover the secret, ancestral harmony that connects us to each other, vibrating on the same chords, in unison.