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Never before has the real scientific value of cosmetics been revealed to the public and the consumer! The time has now elapsed in which it was only trivializing the functions and actions of cosmetics relegating them to frivolous goods of mainly female use. Cosmetics pervades every life, from birth to death. Every day in the world 7.8 billion people, men, women, children, adolescents, elderly, perform at least 10 gestures of Beauty. Each Beauty gesture celebrates the action of a cosmetic that protects, nourishes, cleanses, perfumes, colors, beautifies skin, hair, nails…

Since the beginning of industrial history, about 120 years ago, grandmother’s remedies have turned into increasingly effective, innovative and safe products. Science and research have been the fundamental elements for the growth and evolution of the cosmetic industry. Cosmetics is not only an instrument of Beauty, but has its origin in caressing and embracing, it is a great psychotherapeutic tool, with a strong impact on body and mind. It prolongs Youth, Strengthens Self-esteem, Dampens Anxiety and consequently, Increases Relational Wellness.

The cosmetic is a relational mediator.

Behind every product there is a Research & Innovation activity that involves many disciplines. Chemistry, Biology, Physiology, Technology, Formulation Science, Galenic, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Trendsetting are just some of the knowledge that come together to give life to the creative process of a cosmetic.

I believe it is fundamental to invest resources in Research and Development because it is precisely the science that determines the economic and ethical success of the product. Scientific research guarantees the continuous innovation of cosmetic products to meet the new and growing expectations of consumers. Today in my group the investment in Research & Innovation is equal to 5% of the annual turnover. I was able to realize a dream I have been chasing for years, creating a Chemical Laboratory and a Relational Anthropological Laboratory that work in synergy with Marketing to feed the Research in every cultural aspect involved in product development. Through HUMANISTIC COSMETICS I put man back at the center, in a new “customer-centric” vision, based on values in which I firmly believe and to which I dedicate my personal and professional life:

Social Responsibility

Passion for Excellence

Integrity and Ethics

Objectivity and Consistency

Research and Innovation

Global Interaction

Each product created in my laboratories is the result of the connection of scientific, technological, humanistic, socio-anthropological knowledge and the collaboration with many Italian and international universities. I created a brand “PROUD PRODUCT” that identifies the pride of the company that wants to promote the human being, starting from integrity, ethics, truth … and its customers, who create the chain of awareness and consciousness. Not the product creates man, but man creates the product! Cosmetics is given the burden of supporting the good, not the will to instil degenerative processes with reckless use of ingredients that are enemies of the planet and man.

It is necessary to make transparent every process that is at the base of product development in order to make the consumer perceive the work of Research and Innovation that is at the origin and that is often underestimated because it is not communicated effectively. We must make them understand that behind every cosmetic there is a path, a path, which starts from an idea, generated and developed in laboratories. Thus science becomes reality and offers us that “caress” that translates into wellness.

In the market we often find claims of products that promise miracles without scientific basis. This unethical attitude on the part of some companies has generated great mistrust in the effectiveness of cosmetics driven by marketing, to the detriment of the really good ones. For decades companies have been creating new needs without considering the real needs of the consumer, with the sole purpose of inducing to buy products that respond only to the logic of profit.

Against every trend I fight strenuously to defend the truth and the quality of scientific research at the base of cosmetics because I do not stop hoping for a reawakening of “consciences” especially by consumers who, if only they were informed more honestly, would certainly be able to direct themselves towards the healthier, more ethical and qualitatively better cosmetic choice.

As science advances, researchers can not only generate new ideas to meet consumer demands, but also improve and refine everything on the market. There is still a lot of work to be done, but with the right investments and a little bit of confidence you can make great strides forward. But the task is not only up to Science and the Cosmetics Industry. It’s also up to you: you always demand the best from cosmetics and don’t stop asking what Science can really offer you.

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