The new Business is in the true ethical meeting between supply and demand

The COVID-19 has been an accelerator of awareness: it has forced Beauty Salons to decrease the quantity of services dedicated to the person and to raise their quality trying to give a solution to all consumer needs. This new “customer centric” mode is an effective response to the discomfort and suffering generated by the lack of relationship imposed during the lockdown.

A new model of deeper interaction is emerging, of careful listening, of sincere interest, of focusing between the operator and his client in the exchange and understanding of the most hidden needs.

In fact, in times not suspicious, I had already identified the lack of listening as the cause of dissatisfaction and suffering of the client who often feels misunderstood, unheard and disappointed. I imagined a new Renaissance of Beauty through Humanistic Cosmetics, which puts the person back at the center in his totality and no longer in the details of his body, his soul, his relationships. With this approach and with the help of sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and university professors I found precise answers to the consumer’s requests for Beauty. Answers that have always been in front of our eyes but often ignore the real needs:

  • Prolonging Youth
  • Strengthen Self-Esteem
  • Dampen Anxiety
  • Increase Relational Wellness

Imagining the attitude of an operator towards a client, I formulated a series of questions and answers: “What can I do to prolong your youth?… In a more or less explicit way I declare it to you using the appropriate words to tell you how unique you are like your fingerprints. How special, charming, sexy you are, and how the details of your personality and physicality are really characterizing.

How can I succeed together with you to enhance them, to discover them instead of hiding them, so that they can strengthen your self-esteem, dampen your anxieties, and make you feel good with yourself and with others?”.

I am sure that, through this implicit path of exchange, the client can be pervaded by a feeling of Wellness and Beauty, because in the sincere and attentive intention of the professional there is already the premise of a positive response from the client, which will come out of this session regenerated in body and soul.

Thinking of Beauty as a right and as an inclusive and indiscriminate social value, I imagined a pioneering way to treat clients. I thought of dedicated spaces, until now exclusive to the “luxury of the privileged”. Real suites where you can recreate the exclusivity of a SPA or medical clinic, in a one-to-one relationship of listening and privacy. A regenerative oasis where you can find yourself in a time – and in a temple – dedicated to yourself.

Clearly the time reserved for the client must translate for her in a value of happiness, satisfaction and satisfaction, and for the professional in as much professional and economic satisfaction.

The new Business is in the true ethical meeting between supply and demand, a sustainable Business in humanistic, economic and environmental terms.

Sustainability today is a recognized and indispensable business tool to generate growth and value. A strategic approach to Sustainability must be integrated and must involve in an organic and coordinated way the stakeholders and the various internal and external business functions, i.e. the entire business ecosystem.

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