The Humanistic Cosmetics©

Beauty is Love. Epicurus – great Greek philosopher – taught that therapy against human suffering and for the peace of the soul consists in living with zeal and joy.

One can live every day with joy, training body and mind to perceive, to see, to desire Beauty passionately. One must train oneself so that virtue – which Aristotle considers a habitual state – allows one to behave well with regard to passion. Precisely Beauty can become a good habit to exercise virtue, which is the basis for the perfection of human nature.

The word cosmetics comes from the ancient Greek κόσμος > kósmos: order > hence kósmesis: tidy and beautify. Humanistic Cosmetics enhances the person, puts him/her at the center as a human being and really tends to his/her needs, how he/she lives and dreams of Beauty. These needs, however, are not compatible with the current market offer, which is based on fake where the customer is first attracted by attractive products and services and then remains dissatisfied.

Instead, it is necessary to put mankind back at the center, giving life to the Renaissance of Cosmetics and Beauty, helping each individual to live his daily life better: this is Humanistic Cosmetics.

In many years of work in the universe of Beauty I have been able to touch with my own hands how much suffering is hidden behind the limelight of a magical and impeccable world, always fresh and young, without ever a sign of tiredness. I have realized the hypocrisy that accompanies this image, which often shows a single facade of appearance. How much truth is kept in the dark by this blunder! And I asked myself how I could make a difference. I wanted to break this vicious circle. A system that begins by annihilating the young people who enter the industry for the first time, and ends with the client perpetually dissatisfied or even in crisis.

How can a person – woman or man – regain self-esteem (and therefore happiness) if he is constantly looking for answers to his insecurities? How can he put hope and trust in the beauty operator if before him he finds another man or another woman who is not able to really listen to his needs? She cannot.

We want to rediscover Beauty and reappropriate it. Ethically with actions aimed at the search for truth, wisdom and happiness. We want to make Beauty one of the movements of the soul in order to restore joy, because without satisfying these movements we could not live. With the grace of Beauty, the One that includes everyone crosses every limit and the demands are not one-way, but in continuous comparison with the other.

My intent is to break the vicious circle of cosmetic solicitation and to get out of the spiral that takes energy away from the end user. The objective of cosmetics is to improve aesthetic harmony and consequently inner well-being. When it does not play this role it creates disharmony.

I decided to start by comparing myself more with the other. I started this long journey by listening more deeply to my employees – my biggest supporters – and talking to clients. I have extended the scope of my investigation by participating in the school activities of young people who want a future in this field. I have not overlooked even one link in the social chain linked to the world of Beauty in its everyday life. Until I met the best thinking heads in the fields of medicine, psychology, anthropology and sociology, a source of great inspiration and motivation for me, whose proposals made the difference in giving a clear imprint to the management of the company.

The entire supply chain must have respect, integrity and orientation to the well-being of each individual, evoking the canons of Humanism. Our company philosophy is to promote a rebirth of these values, which today are dormant but represent Humanistic Cosmetics.

I have always believed in an ethic that is not separate from aesthetics and a sense of life inherent in Beauty, whether it be perfection of art or splendor of nature. What surrounded me and seemed beautiful has always awakened my spirit, because I perceived feelings of well-being. My conception of Bello is not only about what I like, but about what brings with it the fascination of harmony: music, architecture, poetry, narrative…

I have collected my reflections starting from here. And collecting the contributions of several professionals who are fundamental for me to create the basis of Humanistic Cosmetics… a book is being born. A manual that wants to become the mirror of our corporate mentality, an informative cue for professionals, but also an ethical example for young students, a push to believe in themselves and to feel part of this great humanistic project.

Starting from experiences and reasoning accessible also to young people, you will discover that Humanistic Cosmetics is more alive and concrete than ever. Each of his events launches a small challenge to which we can respond with our logic and our contribution. Through the speeches and stories of my esteemed Pioneers of Beauty we will learn to reflect on the most varied themes: from social behavior to human nature, to the language of love and kindness in our profession… to the existence of a higher purpose.

With this contribution, dear readers, I hope to be able to broaden your horizons a little more, to make you capable of better understanding this world and to improve it together thanks to this new Renaissance of Beauty.