The Cosmetic Nomadism

The Search for Beauty is generated by an ancestral instinct linked to social relations. Despite the market overflowing with offers, the level of customer dissatisfaction remains very high. The obsessive search for exhaustive answers to the demand for Beauty pushes to continuously change products, services and operators, falling into an endless vortex that leads to be more and more disappointed.

This contradiction is the genesis of the defeat that leads to cosmetic nomadism. If Beauty generates suffering – in open contrast with its essence and with what companies promise in claims – it is clear that it becomes inhuman, with domino effects in the social and economic fabric.

Institutions ignore it because they are distracted or disinterested. The industry speculates, but without winners: cosmetic nomadism, lack of professionalism and loyalty make commodities – trivial products – the goods on the market. Beauty therefore loses its objective and social value.

The disappointment of many women after having suffered a wrong haircut or having used an ineffective product leads them to a state of personal malaise with serious relational unhappiness with those closest to them, generating cascading malaises: all this is absurd because Beauty should contain a promise of happiness, instead it often creates disappointment.

The rating of dissatisfaction is 87% so the ability to retain a customer and to retain them is poor by any Beauty structure.

The average Customer Retention is 13%. This means that after winning 100 consumers in the professional division with services or in the retail division with products, only 13 remain satisfied and loyal to the product or service.

These are numbers that should make you think!

Operators lack the pulse of Customer Retention, i.e. the number of established customers and Customer Acquisition, and therefore effective strategies to acquire new ones.

Often Beauty professionals are not able to help their customers to achieve Well-being or to satisfy their Beauty requests, both for the lack of training they have received from the school system and for the inadequacy with which they identify, always forced by cultural prejudices of a society that considers them waste.

The lack of psychological tools that favor the sincere and deep listening to the client’s requests, the absence of time and place dedicated to counseling encourages approximations, preconceptions, wrong habits and therefore incomprehension.

The social responsibility implicit in the idea of Beauty has been completely flattened and lost. Operators in the cosmetics world – both in industry and in services – should have a missionary vocation, become earthly angels with the aim of feeling and acting in a socially responsible way.

Through Humanistic Cosmetics we Beauty Pioneers want to train Beauty Pioneers who follow the principle of passion and dedication to themselves and to others to optimize cosmetics, a high level science capable of responding skillfully to the needs of each of us.

I imagine cosmetics as a holistic medicine able to prevent and improve the human condition. The cosmetic becomes a holistic medicine, and the beauty professional a first aid holistic doctor able to help those who need it.

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