Symphonies of Life. Vibrations and Music at 432 Hz

musica 432 h

At McGill University in Montreal they study how music can change the biochemistry of our body, and have shown that listening to music influences the health of our body. This happens in four ways: pleasure, stress, immune system and social aggregation.

In particular, the team of Prof. Levitin (cit. The Neurochemistry of music, M.L.Chanda and D. J. Levitin Cell Press 2013) seeks to establish how these pathways of action of music on our body are regulated by chemical variations of hormones such as dopamine and opioids, cortisol, serotonin and oxytocin.

For a long time modern science has been observing the effects that a certain kind of music and vibrations have on the human body and psyche, recognizing what for centuries has been handed down only by an ancient holistic wisdom, namely that sounds have effects on the body and brain and affect stress, negative mental states and even the perception of pain.

But only in recent years we have seen real revolutions, especially in the field of biology. Epigenetics has shown that we are no longer victims of our score (the DNA): every day we can change the way we read the score, rather we interpret it with the mind and with the stimuli of the surrounding environment. Quantum Physics dealing with our cells no longer considers only measurable signals (food, drugs, material elements) but also vibrations and emotions that we knew were important but we could not quantify and measure.

Although for centuries and centuries music has been used to activate healing processes in debilitated individuals, the concept of music as therapy took off only in the early 2000s against studies that attest its frequency in everything. Today more and more hospitals and clinics integrate music in the treatment of various disorders and pathological states.

This means that we are connected to a Universal Whole and that in order to be well we must agree with it. When we are in resonance we are in balance. But what is resonance? It is the frequency constituted by an optimal range of vibrations. Even if with our senses we can perceive only a small part of it, everything is in a state of vibration from the smallest physical particle.

The elementary state of vibration is that of sound, and every organ and cell in our body emits and absorbs sound with its optimal resonance frequency. Music translates universal vibrations that create a psycho-physical and emotional well-being, promoting cellular homeostasis, harmony and health of our body.

To be exact, it is music tuned to 432 Hz that creates the perfect resonance in our body, even on an emotional and spiritual level: the ancients knew it! Today the music we listen to is tuned at 440Hz, therefore slightly out of tune with respect to what is the universal language of our body and nature.

Music at 432 Hz is considered the natural tuning because it is inspired by the sounds of nature and the vibrations of the Universe. This tuning is based on a mathematical A and C – A > 432 Hz / C > 256 Hz, both multiples of 8 – and refers to the scientific tuning fork > hence the name of scientific tuning, also called golden because the rules followed to tune the instruments are those of golden proportions.

Specific studies on vibrations and their effect – like those of Dr. Leonard Horowitz, one of the most authoritative voices on the subject – attest that when a musical instrument is tuned at 432 Hz it does not matter how harsh the music will be played: the vibrations, the harmonic sounds it produces, count. Such tuning will be beneficial for the body, because it will make it vibrate in the harmonic fractals in tune with the helical sound matrix of DNA, which represents life itself.

With my research group of the Anthropo-Relational Laboratory we are participating in the scientific experimentation conducted by a medical team to investigate the therapeutic, anti-inflammatory and immune effects of sound vibrations on the body, generated by a HARMONIC READING in Camuno Harmonic Fir wood, through the MAMI VOICE sound and vibration conduction system.

The MAMI VOICE System – designed by the inventor Alfredo Bigogno – allows a holistic listening experience: with the ears the sound and with the body the vibration that produces it. The music used is produced by instruments tuned to 432Hz, composed and performed by Emiliano Toso, Cellular Biologist and Musician Composer at 432Hz.

The MAMI VOICE system – a Class 1 medical device – was originally created to recreate the presence of the mother’s voice inside the incubator, giving well-being and serenity to the newborn who cannot enjoy the real presence of the mother. It is used in TIN (Neonatal Intensive Care) wards in many hospitals in Italy and worldwide.

Using the MAMI VOiCE System we are developing a sound furnishing instrument for the diffusion of vibrations and harmonic environmental sounds. This HARMONIC TOTEM is a vibro transmission instrument, handcrafted in Camuno Harmonic Fir Live Wood that allows you to listen to music and at the same time be pervaded by the vibrational waves emitted by the wood itself. It is a unique experience of Wellness that creates peace, silence, relaxation and promotes contact with our deepest and most spiritual essence: in our Beauty Salons we are already successfully testing it.

Tuned to this frequency, the music produces harmonies that resonate with the heartbeat, the double helix of DNA (replication frequency), the maximum function of the brain (bihemispheric synchronization), the fundamental beat of the planet (Schumann’s resonance) and the musical architecture of creation.

This could be the key to reconnect micro and macro cosmos and find the secret, ancestral harmony that connects us to each other, vibrating on the same chords, in unison.

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