“It seemed to me an extraordinary thing: to know the explanation of everything, to know why it begins, why it ends, why it is.” Socrates

The Professional Beauty Channel, PBC, is an initiative that aims to expand the reach of scientific knowledge in the cosmetics world. It is a full-fledged TV that informs and teaches students and operators about the richness of the Beauty and Wellness sector, drawing on the direct experience of professionals and specialists in the industry, who are the real lifeblood that nourishes the passion for this profession.

The idea of PBC was initiated from the desire to create a container that could collect all the knowledge related to the universe of Beauty, which are those closest to Man, and that could bring the perspectives of humanistic vision together with those of scientific disciplines. A place where both young people training to become practitioners of Beauty and Well-being, and Beauty professionals of all levels, could find, with great simplicity and extreme breadth of content, answers and insights regarding their path: first in their studies and then in their profession. I would like it to be a place where the confusion and overabundance of information typical of the web can be resolved. This information is often contradictory and even more often, it is very difficult to find well organised, complete and reliable.

PBC is a meeting place where science can talk to professionals, whether already qualified or in training, and where a ‘sample’ of consumers can also be present, as spectators. Thanks to the exchange of knowledge and expertise, we can finally feed off the truth.

Here, marketing and cosmetic solicitation are finally left outside the door. The point of view is only the best for man in his complex dimension and therefore, deals with everything that aims at the beautiful, the good and the true.

In this container, unlike what the web offers (which says everything and the opposite of everything and it is said by people who boast expertise and who at best, have an exclusively ‘orthopaedic’ idea of Beauty); I wanted to create a place where scientific and humanistic authorities could give practitioners and professionals precise, detailed knowledge, backed up by scientific publications. Applying this knowledge could really improve the ability of teachers to educate their students, for students to delve into topics, and for professionals and their collaborators to better understand what they previously failed to investigate effectively with what they learnt or what they found in the quicksand of information on the internet.

Universities have never had direct dialogue with beauty professionals, nor with their collaborators, nor with young operators in training, nor with teachers and even less, with school presidents. The academic world dialogues with the Research and Development areas of the cosmetics manufacturing industry, and also here, it is limited only to the scientific disciplines: there is therefore, a lack of exchange, of expertise, knowledge, and vision between scientific research, the humanities, scientific discoveries and professional operators, young people in training and teachers. The result is a serious lack of training, which leaves room for self-training and self-information on the net. “The ‘net’ often boasts claims that it does not actually have, and so information is given free rein without any basis or without any verification or in-depth analysis and/or is issued by self-styled ‘experts’ and ‘specialists’ which they are not.

Professor Alex Gezzi

No one has the ‘real’ truth, because the academic world certainly does not pour scientific truths onto the web, but only ‘pills’ of truth, often altered, which are independently fed to consumers on the one hand and operators on the other: this creates convictions often fed by false news, by over-exposure to news, by confusion of news, and in the moments of encounter between operators and consumers, a clash is actually created, because each party thinks it has the truth in his/her pocket. But none of these truths is based on structured scientific evidence.

PBC wants to put this confusion in order, it wants to be a meeting point where knowledge can be regulated thanks to a transfer of authoritative scientific expertise expressed in a simple, comprehensible way, with different video formats: BEAUTY DROPS <3-5 minutes “pills”  / TIME MIND <10-20 minutes mini-conferences / BEAUTY CONFERENCE <30-50 minutes lectures / all usable in a modular way according to the level of interest and the degree that the user has, or intends to have, of wanting to go into depth of the chosen topic.

I believe this is an epoch-making revolution. It is the first time that a professional video library dedicated to Beauty has been created, where the entire academic world, in both scientific and humanistic disciplines, donates its knowledge and skills, synthesises them and makes them accessible to practitioners free of charge. And all are intended for the supreme good of humanity, therefore, for man in his search for the protection of youth, the strengthening of self-esteem, reducing anxiety, increasing relational well-being and lighting up the soul, with humanistic, circular and complementary vision for all disciplines aimed at beauty, truth, and goodness.

Professor Umberto Borellini

PBC is the place where, on and off line, Beauty Retail operators can feed themselves with information that will help them to better understand the subject they are dealing with and on which they are working, as access to the retail world, unlike the professional world, it does not require any special training, and this increases the distance between operators, salespeople and consumers who are trying to find their way through a maze of information, misinformation and over-information, especially from the web, where cosmetic marketing is more interested in solicitation than real solutions.

Lastly, I would like Beauty Influencers to become those who have spent their lives studying and disseminating profound and substantial scientific research on the truths of Beauty, and not those who only make a big fuss about scenographic and emotional effects, but then having little expertise and therefore little substance, they do nothing but fuel confusion and disinformation.

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*The PBC videos are made under the direction of communication experts coordinated by journalist Paolo Bollani within a television set specially designed in colours and graphics to recall the network of knowledge that complements each other in a continuous cultural exchange.