InflammAging: the role of inflammation in early aging

Recent studies have shown that inflammation is the leading cause of most blemishes and chronic diseases. Preventing and fighting it improves health, well-being. Attention to Health and Beauty care are essential. Our outward appearance reflects our soul. We must take care of it. Keeping the Beauty of both leads to harmony.

For some years now we have been talking about INFLAMMAGING also in the world of Beauty and Cosmetics. The internal and external pro-inflammatory factors contribute to create a state of constant and continuous stress that stimulates and nourishes all those phenomena of premature aging. The term itself, a neologism of two words: inflammation < inflammation and aging < aging explains how the inflammatory stimulus inevitably leads to a cell degeneration that causes the aging of the body with obvious signs affecting the skin and hair.

Unfortunately, inflammation is a vicious circle that once triggered is difficult to stem and, if neglected, can become a chronic disease. That’s why we must learn to keep our body’s state of health under control from now on.

Numerous studies show that the phenomenon of inflammation is triggered by a series of biochemical and metabolic reactions that occur in tissues. Usually the cause is an excessive load of toxins, but more and more often it is due to a disproportionate reaction to stress by our immune system.

Inflammation is precisely a biomarker of premature aging that attacks the cells of our body by deteriorating cell membranes. So how to avoid the onset of this phenomenon? First of all by following a correct lifestyle and abandoning vices such as smoking, alcohol and drugs. Good rule is to practice physical activity regularly, but also sleep – therefore rest – is among the golden rules of well-being and longevity. A regular sleep/wake rhythm is in fact a valuable aid against stress and inflammation.

The first significant step is taken at the table: adequate low-calorie meals and a diet rich in Omega3 and Omega6 are the basis for achieving Well-being.

But we also talk about inner nutrition. Cultivating your passions is a real therapy: it helps to eliminate social stressors and to feel fulfilled. Meditation in all its forms – Yoga, Tai Qi and other disciplines – is effective for psychic well-being and brings us closer to the meaning of community and mutual help that characterize human nature.

According to Professor Sergio Pecorelli – Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the University of Brescia – all our cells have a biological clock. Consequently, even the phases of life – preconception period, prenatal period, newborn, adolescent, adult – are conditioned by this clock. However, environmental aspects, lifestyles and nutrition also affect them. In short, we are guided throughout our lives by a biological clock that if it is not “respected” risks triggering inflammatory processes or diseases from an early age: we are the real architects of our health from the very beginning.

The emerging theory is that from the very first thousand days of life we can play with our health or the risk of future diseases. If I use correct lifestyles through healthy eating and if I can understand that physical exercise is also important for the health of the brain, I improve the quality not only of my life, but also of the children on the way.

For example, in men who follow a healthy lifestyle, spermatozoa respond positively. If the woman also adopts correct lifestyles, together they will have children with a genetic inheritance free of metabolic diseases. Correct lifestyles have the ability to modify the epigenome of reproductive cells and could have an unprecedented effect on the health of future generations, producing in them the Well-being or the risk of contracting diseases.

By acquiring from an early age a mentality that gives space and importance to sport, healthy eating and caring for one’s passions, we will notice positive changes in the entire population. For this reason I believe that children should be encouraged to move already in elementary school, in order to develop the habit of well-being and the need to stay healthy and fit.

We teach our children to live well, adopting correct lifestyles to counter inflammation and prevent the onset of disease. But above all, we set a good example by starting now.

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