Humanistic Cosmetics: the new Renaissance of Beauty, a story to write together

For over 30 years I have been involved in Beauty and Wellness, leading a company founded more than 60 years ago by my father, Giancarlo Negretti. Together we have always tried to promote progress in the world of Beauty by promoting scientific development and pursuing solid ethical principles in human, economic, ecological and sustainable terms.

I must say, however, that in spite of the achievements my true ambition has been dormant for a long time. It took years of direct contact with female dissatisfaction – which rarely finds exhaustive answers to one’s own needs – and with the frustration of Beauty operators to emphasize to the whole of our sector that this system does not work unless one broadens one’s horizons and really puts Man and his Beauty needs at the center with a 360° vision of the person, his experience, his experience of beauty and all the emotional aspect related to it.

I decided to start by comparing myself more with the other. I started this long journey by listening more deeply to my collaborators, who are my greatest supporters, and then by talking to clients. I extended the scope of my investigation into the complex training system of wellness and beauty professionals, creating the Proud to Be project, with the aim of supporting CFP students in building their own professional identity. I met the best thinking heads in the fields of medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology and pedagogy who have been a source of great inspiration and motivation for me and whose proposals and research have made the difference in providing a clear imprint to the direction I wanted to give to the company and to lay the foundations of this new philosophy.

I felt the need to change things, dissolving prejudices and paradigms of the sector and proposing a cosmetic that aims at an integrated sustainability by putting at the center of its interest the true well-being of the person and the environment, creating innovative and fully satisfying products and services that prolong youth and enhance the self-esteem of customers.

The objective of cosmetics must be to improve appearance and aesthetic harmony to achieve inner well-being: when it does not play this role it creates disharmony and discomfort. Everyone must get to feel beautiful in their concept of unique and authentic beauty, respecting their own vision, culture and religion. My first intention was to break the vicious circle of cosmetic grooming and get out of the spiral that takes away energy from the end user generating suffering.

The result was a cultural movement, La Cosmetica Umanistica (Humanistic Cosmetics), which was translated into a book coming out in October, invoking authentic Beauty, giving life to a new chapter in the fundamental relationship between Man and Beauty. Inspired by the principles of Humanism and the Renaissance, Humanistic Cosmetics aims to re-place at the center of Beauty, Man and his identity with his real needs while respecting his ethical and social values, preserving his individual integrity.

It is a People & Business Oriented book that wants to denounce the distance between the promise of happiness typical of cosmetics and the result that almost always disappoints expectations, and wants to propose new attitudes and concrete solutions.

Embrace La Cosmetica Umanistica too, become part of this great family and of this network of inspirations and actions. I wait for you with open arms … to write together a new chapter in the history of Beauty!

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