“Humanistic Cosmetics” is now available in all bookstores. Book: Humanistic Cosmetics

Humanistic Cosmetics© is my first book as an entrepreneur and a great lover of the world of Beauty. Thanks to the contribution of esteemed professionals and scientists belonging to different disciplines, I was able to rethink Beauty from an operational and social point of view. I believe that the Contamination of various disciplines of knowledge is necessary to create new realities, new worldviews and new perspectives. These positive contaminations are needed to change paradigms. Staying anchored to reference systems is never a winning strategy, not even from an evolutionary point of view.

I am inspired by the principles of Humanism and the Renaissance with the aim of re-positioning at the center of the path of Beauty the Man and his identity with his real needs, respecting his ethical and social values, preserving his dignity and individual integrity.

Humanistic Cosmetics© is a way of understanding, thinking, designing and creating Beauty products and services around Man as a complex unit. In other words, the mission of the book is to take care of the bio-psycho-socio-spiritual characteristics of Man and his context, creating and supporting a new Renaissance of Beauty.

In this vision, the cosmetic is a holistic medicine and Beauty is an experience of Self and Self with Others, which goes beyond the bodies, which infuses well-being in a human totality that is more than the sum of its parts. The result is a cultural movement that invokes authentic Beauty, giving birth to a new chapter in the fundamental relationship between Man and Beauty.

The Humanistic Cosmetics© is a People & Business Oriented book that wants to denounce the distance between the promise of happiness of cosmetics and the result that almost always disappoints expectations, proposing new attitudes and concrete solutions to return to smile at ourselves and others. It is a manual that becomes the mirror of a revolutionary business mentality. It is a source of information for those working in the sector, an ethical example for young students, a great humanistic project for everyone, whose secret lies in indulging one’s own essence in order to arrive at the true sense of Beauty. Man must reconcile himself with nature and what surrounds him. He must recover his self-care, generating a way of being and feeling that is such as to place himself in the network of relationships that exists outside his world. It is a matter of connecting the macrocosm with the microcosm, carefully observing one’s own actions and feelings and, at the same time, nature and other human beings. Culture nourishes and educates to the Beauty that must be pursued and found in every corner of our lives.

I am honored by the extraordinary words that Diego Dalla Palma – undisputed master of style and Beauty – dedicated to me in the Preface.