Yesterday evening at 11.15 pm, on RAI PREMIUM, the first episode of UNICHE aired, Diego Dalla Palma’s programme of which I will be a guest for the next seven episodes.

UNICHE is now in its fifth edition and this year, it will celebrate and investigate the female universe through the themes that are dearest to me. These are the themes that have inspired my work in recent years, and which form the basis of my book La Cosmetica Umanistica (Humanistic Cosmetics).

The topics I will be discussing with Diego Dalla Palma on UNICHE are increasingly contemporary and are at the heart of the Humanistic Cosmetics philosophy, in which cosmetics are seen as a holistic remedy capable of performing 5 essential functions: Protecting Youth, Strengthening Self-Esteem, Reducing Anxiety, Increasing Relational Well-Being and Touching the Soul.

Humanistic Cosmetics is a cultural movement that aims, also through the active involvement of some illustrious scientists and enlightened thinkers, to place Man and his real needs at the centre of the path to Authentic Beauty. A new way of thinking aimed at creating Beauty products and services that take care of our bio-psycho-socio-spiritual characteristics, giving life to a new chapter in the fundamental Individual-Beauty relationship.

In the 8 episodes that will broadcast in the late evenings on Rai Premium, starting from yesterday evening, Diego Dalla Palma will meet 8 female protagonists characterised by great charm and charisma, such as Veronica Pivetti, Serena Bortone, Tosca, Vittoria Schisano, Imma Battaglia, Myrta Merlino, Paola Saluzzi and Paola Perego. All of them will tell their personal and professional life stories.

These interviews with iconic women of contemporary Italy, represent a direct confrontation with the world of women and help to understand the true purpose of the journey that Diego and I are undertaking. A journey that aims to lift the veil of Maya under which lies the truth of natural and real Beauty. That is, authentic Beauty, as it is in its authenticity and which is the only one able to connect to the deep desires that resides in the hearts of women.

The culture of body image, especially with the spread of social networks, has undergone a strong surge towards mass standardisation. Although social networks have great potential for narrating everyday life and disseminating ideas, they also have a dark side due to their ability to distort reality at will. The result, unfortunately, is the trivialisation of Beauty.

Through the values and vision that underlie Humanistic Cosmetics, we will scrutinise and explore the true Meaning of Beauty, which has nothing to do with the stereotypes of fake perfection that have been raging in recent years.

The charm of an expression, the line of a wrinkle on the face, the fading of the hair… these are all signs of an evolution along the natural cycle of life. Something is lost, but something is gained. The important thing is to know how to recognise it.

Diego is one of the few people, like myself, to remain consistent with the concept of Authentic Beauty, which is never sterile, an end in itself or linked exclusively to youth, but has something deeper to do with it. It has to do with experiences of joy and sorrow. It has to do with love, with relationships with others. It also has to do with the awareness of the passing years, which, for a woman can cause insecurity and discomfort, but which often make her more interesting than before.

We look forward to seeing you every Wednesday at Uniche on Rai Premium (Channel 25) in the late evening at 11.15 pm. Italian time!

The series of appointments will be available in two replicas (Saturday 1 May at 2.30 pm and Tuesday 4 May in the third evening) and from today available on RAY PLAY.

Don’t miss them!