Feng-Shui Vision and Wellness Architecture

According to Ernest Eitel, Feng Shui is an emotional perception of nature, that is, the environment conditions our well-being. Feng Shui is the ancient art of wind and water that emphasizes places in harmony with the surrounding natural and artificial elements. It means exploiting Wind and Water, understanding nature, protecting natural ecosystems, correctly placing buildings and facilities, in order to make the environments welcoming and pleasant for those who live them now and for future generations.

The well-being of the environment in which we work or live is fundamental for our serenity, and for our productivity. We think about all the times when we feel “tight” in our office. The design and orientation of our desk, the position of the computer and telephone, the color of the walls, the lights can help us to improve the quality of our days, including performance at work.

Feng Shui imagines and designs places that meet the physical, biological and spiritual needs of those who live there. Today many homes have become closed and unhealthy “envelopes”. Plastic fumes, floors treated with additives, hermetically sealed windows and doors, insulation materials, waterproof layers of paint and synthetic adhesives do not guarantee hygiene and health.

In the design field, it is necessary to recover the general principles of nature, the sense of history and the memory of places according to the architecture of listening as a reading of places, involving in the design also the people who will have to live in those spaces.

In the East all figurative works are conceived to be read as symbols, and their main themes – rocks, trees, streams, waterfalls, streams, clouds, animals, plants – represent not only themselves but something beyond themselves: they mean ENERGY. They represent the natural flow of energy and its gentle and sinuous, non-aggressive vital forms, from which we should always draw observations, reflections, meditations.

Each object is related to the organic and inorganic world, so it is charged with symbolic meaning. An example of this is the shape of the Chinese roof that draws on man the profile of the landscape, mountains and hills, and even the flow of water. In that form live the image of nature and its manifestations and the continuous reference to the cosmic configuration.

According to the Feng Shui philosophy, not only the roof but the whole house should be drawn on the man who lives there, to give him the maximum well-being. For this reason it dictates and implements “simple” principles of ancient wisdom. The plan of the house must be square or rectangular, without accentuated corners or protruding ends. This serves to avoid “dead spots” that can be “corrected” with a careful choice of furniture.

The arrangement of the rooms must follow the orientation of the cardinal points. The entrance is preferable to the North, while the rooms for relations go to the South. The colors of the rooms should be chosen according to the position: “warm” such as red and orange should be used in the rooms located to the South; “cold” such as blue and blue in the rooms to the North. Green, the color of knowledge, is suitable for study areas to the East.

Feng Shui wellness architecture consulting is aimed at anyone who wants to build in an environmentally friendly way with a careful use of guidelines, the correct location of the furniture, the therapeutic use of colors, the choice of environmentally sustainable materials and the most suitable forms to harmonize the living space.

At the operational headquarters of my company in Brescia and in the house where I live, the architect Stefano Parancola – Feng Shui Master – has carried out and certified an Interior Design intervention according to Feng Shui principles.

The body is our first home!

The building where we live or work is our second home!

Between the two environments there is constant internal-external interaction: this affects the actions and decisions of our life.

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