DECEMBER 18, 2020 – 2nd SUMMIT OF BEAUTY PIONEERS: THE EPIGENETICS OF LIFE© At some point in beauty you find courage.

Foto di gruppo dei Beauty Pioneers al vertice presso la NG Group di Brescia

The gentle, confident notes of a piano come into the room as the Beauty Pioneers group is gathered in a circle. It is a multi-sensory circle. Music is also relevant in living environments. Listening to relaxing music at 432 Hz has been shown to have benefits on our brains and gives the possibility of greater resonance with our bodies and cells. This particular pitch leads our brain waves to vibrate at a frequency of 8 Hz, that is, on alpha/theta waves: the most meditative state of mind. At the center of the circle is the sound bed, at the sides are two harmonic totems that send out clean, vibrant notes, full of Well-being.

For years we have been supporting scientific research on the power of music and vibrations on some mental states connected to it. In this sense we have developed an instrument of sound decoration for the diffusion of vibrations and harmonic environmental sounds. The purpose is to promote a unique experience of well-being for the person, who can relax listening to music at 432 Hz and be pervaded by vibrational waves generated by the music itself.

In this atmosphere of pure oxygen, the 2nd Summit of the Beauty Pioneers opens, which I strongly desired and wished for. A scientific-professional moment, in a difficult historical period, which allows us to rethink Beauty from an operational and social point of view, involving esteemed professionals and scientists belonging to different disciplines: art, music, chemistry, psychology, architecture, cosmetology, medical sciences.

Like a warm sirocco wind blowing from the south, the circle expressed ideas, knowledge, future about Beauty, in its bursting ability to innovate and elevate the world and our lives. Wellness and healthy human development also come through taking care of oneself in a holistic way.

Today, we have enough evidence to say that our lifestyle matters much more than genetics in determining our overall Health and Wellness status. Chronic diseases can originate from genetic predispositions, but these are never sufficient in themselves to determine the onset of a disease. What also counts are “environmental factors”, i.e. the substances to which we are unfortunately exposed and the lifestyle choices we make. It is called EPIGENETICS OF LIFE. Genes are not something immutable, but they respond to the stresses of the external environment.

The main principle of our idea of future Beauty must be the Wellness in a perspective of Network Wellness, for which it is necessary an increasingly accurate integration of knowledge. Knowledge represented by a circle of comparison highly specialized in scientific knowledge that dance with the creativity and technique of the powerful artist.

The product must be representative of the beautiful and goodness and point to a pure Beauty. We must try to be an active part of life, from the cell to the cosmos and vice versa. It is necessary to overturn the communication of the product, making it more honest and truer. The product must be the answer to the need that our customers entrust to us. Communication must be simple, clear and concrete. It must be touched by hand. And our thoughts and actions must also be such. Products and services must no longer be conceived only as cosmetic elements, but as instruments of Well-being, bearers of important benefits in man’s life.

For example, the light in our Beauty Salons must be completely revised, as a result of scientific experimentation in collaboration with the University, which has made it possible for the first time to obtain lighting with an emissive spectrum similar to that of the sun, at a heat temperature of 5000 Kelvin. This is a unique LED light, which allows the operator to perceive colors without any contamination from light sources with cold (blue) or hot (yellow) dominants that alter the perception not only of the technical color path of the professional, but also of the final result perceived by the client. It is very important that the benefits of an advanced technology such as this be appreciated both by the professional, in order to limit as much as possible the colorimetric evaluation errors often due to bad lighting, and by the client who will have to experience those colors on her skin.

The vibrational circle of different voices in a climate of innovative and scientific fervor is reminiscent of the old Vienna of the early 1900s, where the cafés were literary and where discussions went on late into the night about the world and its inclinations. About the future. Voices that, in their diversity, find communicative concreteness towards communities, even virtual ones, with a simple language: that of the heart, of emotion and of dreams. By telling the story of people, we can tell about telomeres, our DNA and epigenetics.

Beauty is eternal. Kind of like a book should be: it should never grow old. It should be perennial. Communication becomes transformative power through kindness, a quality shared by all who attended this summit. A persevering kindness to care for Beauty, whose seed, like the lotus flower, has the power to blossom and grow even in the mud. A kindness that must be rooted in listening to people: customer-centric communication.

Therefore, communication must no longer follow canons of perfection, but canons of truth. In order to be able to communicate such innovative principles that need to refute what we have based our idea of Cosmetics and Beauty on for years, it is necessary to rely on a fundamental principle: concreteness. The concept of Beauty needs to be real, concrete and tangible to oneself and to others, in contrast to what happens in today’s liquid society, where Beauty becomes a mere virtual interface.

To this blaze of innovation, I decided to give immediate concreteness: a physical space, a place in Brescia where to build a Study Center: a Humanistic Cosmetics Laboratory to create cultural exchange. Funding, renewing our ancient Italic patronage that has made our country unique in the world for Beauty, with all that is needed to be able to Re-Conceive the phenomenology of Beauty itself, related to the quality of life and well-being of people, of the places we inhabit, always tending to an epigenetic life: in essence, an epigenetic of life.

We are the actors of our own life. Each of our cells is a clear reflection of our self-care. It is the result of the lifestyles that we ourselves choose and that represent a fundamental aspect of our Wellbeing. Therefore, an inclusive Beauty, which can culminate in services and products commercially connoted by the ethical principles of civil economy.

The community itself must put man at the center. We must believe in it.

Our network believes it and is working hard on it!

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