DECEMBER 18, 2020 – 2nd SUMMIT OF BEAUTY PIONEERS: THE EPIGENETICS OF LIFE© At some point in beauty you find courage.

Foto di gruppo dei Beauty Pioneers al vertice presso la NG Group di Brescia

The gentle, confident notes of a piano come into the room as the Beauty Pioneers group is gathered in a circle. It is a multi-sensory circle. Music is also relevant in living environments. Listening to relaxing music at 432 Hz has been shown to have benefits on our brains and gives the possibility of greater […]

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HARMOCROMY: Personal Colour Analysis

Alessandra Barlaam insieme a Giannantonio Negretti

In recent years, the world of Beauty and Well-being has become increasingly interested in Colour Analysis, especially with regard to the most suitable colour combinations for each individual. Colours possess, express and manifest functions that are not only connected to the purely visual and sensory sphere, but also play an aesthetic role. They have always […]

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