Birth and Rebirth from Women: the Gentle Revolution

In the course of events such as economic crises, wars or climatic catastrophes, forms of psychic suffering appear that go beyond the experience of the individual, affecting the collective level and subsequent generations. The speed with which one loses one’s habits and even loved ones is shocking and the pain continues to damage both victims and their descendants.

The newly experienced Coronavirus emergency – and not yet contained – has destabilized the lives of all of us in a short time. It has made us lost and completely unprepared to face the situation. We have gone from individual stress to collective phenomenon.

What we have lost is not only affection, but also a part of our identity. At this point the roles of memory and commemoration are fundamental to help the survivors to recompose the broken experience and the affected populations to integrate in the collective identity the traumas suffered throughout history.

The virologist Ilaria Capua, director of the One Health Center of Excellence at the University of Florida, argues that in this crisis a surprising fact for those involved in science and statistics is the resistance of women to Covid 19. The relationship with men seems to be 8 to 2. The reason for this semi-immunity is not yet scientifically proven. It will be that they are predisposed more than men to strictly follow hygiene rules, it will be that biologically they are less sensitive to the virus. Fact is that once again Nature manifests what cloth they are made of.

Just women are the most capable figures in the arduous task of putting together our fragments of life.

They – always considered fragile subjects of society – once again show that they have the strength and tenacity to face this moment of crisis and epochal evolution.

They are the engine of change, starting from culture, schools and universities, which are the sectors most exposed to the risks of contagion, but they are also the ones from which rebirth and reconstruction begin.

The places of rebirth are also our beauty centers, equally important for the care of oneself, one’s health and one’s identity. It is precisely here that women recharge their batteries by finding their Beauty and Wellness with the precious help of hairdressers and beauticians.

In fact, we remind you that the Beauty industry is among the most flourishing sectors. There is no crisis that sinks this value. The constant demand for cosmetics persists because it is a formula of happiness. It is from here that women derive joy of life and energy: feeling Beautiful!

The cosmetics industry employs 36,000 people, 54% of whom are women, a truly significant percentage. Graduates are 11% of those employed, compared to a national average of 6%, and women again make up 45% of graduates in the sector.

In the scenario of “consumption” of Beauty about 76% is absorbed by women, the remaining 24% by men. Of the total “consumption” of Beauty, 80% of services, tools and objects are purchased independently by women, 19% by couples and 1% by single men. These data give us a clear vision of the importance of the female figure in today’s economy and society and of how the female figure emerges in terms of ability and talent.

In the light of this truth, I firmly believe in a possible gentle revolution that can revive our society from the ashes. They, the women, who have always been a model of domestic management and sunset angels of the hearth, I would like to regain the role of family educators. A family that is also distorted in its habits, but more united. Once again, mothers have the task of teaching the new hygiene practices as they once did… with an extra attention to the environment.

The hope – but also the commitment – of everyone is to be able to adapt to the new habits of life ensuring a balance of rights and duties between people, and between people and the environment.

In this evolution we all have our part to play. We must be prepared to face the slow reappropriation of reality, but with extra precautions, new roles and different tools. Let’s give women more confidence, they are the mediators of this new historical era: let’s support and love them!

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