Beauty Pioneers

My idea of Beauty Pioneer stems from this belief: connecting Beauty to life to best meet the needs of the consumer. The customer asks the Beauty operator for professionalism and innovation, and if they are not satisfied, they seek better advice. This is why new ideas, positivity and courage in supporting innovative projects are necessary in professional growth.

In my experience I have learned that there are two ways to achieve this goal: one is the search for the customer’s needs, the other is the willingness to understand one’s own limits by finding the skills to overcome them. By joining the operators of Beauty and Wellness and supporting them in the wonderful journey of knowledge, awareness and prosperity, we take a small step forward in the growth of a more responsible and attentive human consciousness.

Beauty Pioneers are futuristic pioneers with the mission to put Man back at the center. They move in search of concrete solutions starting from the Anthropo-Relational Laboratory where experiences and holistic disciplines meet to pursue a common goal: to prolong youth, strengthen self-esteem, decrease anxiety, then increase relational well-being, with an approach to cosmetics far from stereotypes.

The Beauty Pioneers have created a project called the Universal Beauty Academy, a place where positive thinking is realized, where you don’t look at a part of you but take a journey through the One, towards the Universe, including everything around you: your children, your animals, your home, your colleagues.

Our corporate philosophy was inspired by the Renaissance, a historical period of great social and cultural renewal that opposed with determination the dark world of the Middle Ages. And it has put Man back at the center with respect to the social fabric and humanity itself.

The cosmetics promoted by the Beauty Pioneers is like a holistic medicine, capable of preventing and improving the human condition. The cosmetic is a holistic medicine, and the Beauty professional a first aid doctor able to help those in need.

Product development is no longer enough: this is the right time to focus on training professionals to transform themselves into Beauty Pioneers, explorers who passionately study their clients’ souls and desires to create an offer well aligned to their needs. This approach reshapes the centrality of man and cosmetics, promoters of social responsibility and happiness in the 21st Century.

From these principles we have created the idea of the Universal Beauty Network, trying to reconnect operators, researchers, people around a new culture based on construction and regeneration rather than destruction of values and frustration.

The first step is to spread a whole new culture of Beauty, with concrete actions also in the basic training system to reprogram the consciences of those who govern it.

I believe in the continuous exploration and exchange of cultures that every day generate innovation and positively influence the world. I support research inspired by the study of how the consumer really lives and dreams the experience of Beauty and Wellness. I promote the creation of unconventional cosmetic solutions to fully meet the real needs of contemporary professionals and consumers, looking beyond traditional business practices to respond effectively to the ever increasing responsibility of Beauty in contemporary society.

Thanks to all the Beauty Pioneers that accompany my dream.