9 October 2020 – 1st Beauty Pioneers Summit: Epigenetic Building©

It has just concluded in the city of Brescia the First Summit of Beauty Pioneers that I had the honor to host in my company! The meeting involved the best Beauty professionals together with excellent experts from the scientific world who supported, among other things, the project “La Cosmetica Umanistica”. A completely atypical meeting on a human, scientific and professional level! I had the privilege to witness the interaction of the most illustrious, iconic and innovative voices of the world of Beauty and not only, like the highly esteemed Diego Dalla Palma, friend and mentor – whom I take this opportunity to thank for the wonderful preface dedicated to my book La Cosmetica Umanistica which will be out soon – but also extraordinary doctors, psychologists and experts of the scientific world all moved by a common motion: to improve the well-being of people in a holistic way. It has emerged the surprising connection that exists between areas considered so different, often instead complementary. But above all it has emerged the great need for cooperation between research areas, as each one enriches the other and united they lead to a common goal: a better world!

The focus of the debate developed around the concept of MAN COMPLEX, the figure defined by Humanistic Cosmetics to describe the consumer of Beauty from a new perspective. I witnessed at the forefront the development of an impressive exchange of strong ideas and enormous expertise involving Scientific Research, work and the very lives of the professionals invited, triggering a real network of ideas and experiences, new visions for the future and the prediction of a science finally on a human scale! This is who the Beauty Pioneers are, capable and enterprising people, professionals with a solid vertical training but able to put themselves on the line and really share themselves for the common good.

This meeting has laid the foundations for the realization of a dream that sees us all in the same direction: THE CIRCLE OF LIFE FOR LIFE, the construction of a space that is truly the place that gives life to LIFE!

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